Helianthus C

Standard Configuration

Anti-Scatter Grid
contributing to the acquisition of sharp
and high-quality breast images.

Two standard compression paddles:
24×30 cm and 18×24 cm (for smaller breast)

Polycarbonate field protection screen
o protect the X-ray beam from other parts extraneous to the exam procedure.

Helianthus C

Acquisition and control station

The acquisition and control workstation (AWS) is integrated when choosing the standard configuration of Helianthus C.

Upon request, it can be offered as a stand-alone unit equipped with a transparent anti-X Ray protection barrier allowing the operator to optimize and manage the workflow remotely.

Helianthus C


Geometric  magnification kit It includes a platform (with 1.5x or 1.8x or 2x factors) and a 9 x 21 cm compression paddle without an anti-diffusion grid. Compression Paddles i.e., for the geometric magnification, the examination of details, and perforated for two-dimensional biopsy procedures).
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