Helianthus DBT

High resolution
2D and 3D images

Digital detectors with both amorphous selenium and amorphous silicon technology.

COMBO modality:  2D and 3D images acquisition during the same compression cycle.

Software M-View/VI: 2D synthethic images.

Automatic Collimation.

“Smart μ Press” Compression.

Helianthus DBT

Better usability

Smoother movements thanks to the isocentric servo-assisted movements of the C-arm.

Multi-switches to assist the operator in managing the motorized movements of the C-arm.

Color touchscreen displays to view and manage all of the exam parameters.

When rotating the C-arm a very sensitive obstacle detection system ensures maximum patient safety.

Helianthus DBT

Stand-alone Acquisition Workstation

While in the standard configuration the acquisition and control workstation (AWS) is integrated in the mammography system, Helianthus DBT can also be offered as a stand-alone unit equipped with a transparent anti-X Ray protection barrier allowing the operator to optimize and manage remotely the workflow.

This configuration includes a 15″ touchscreen monitor that facilitates complete control of the mammography system.

Helianthus DBT


Bym 3D DMD
A three-dimensional biopsy device allows the execution of stereotactic or tomosynthesis biopsy procedures.

Magnification Kit
Geometric magnification device (1.5x or 1.8x or 2x). Without an anti-diffusion grid, the radiation dose applied is significantly reduced.

Compression paddles
Different compression paddles are available as options (i.e. specific for the geometric magnification, for the examination of details, and perforated for two-dimensional biopsy procedures).

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