Specific layouts for each examination

Anti-Scatter Grid When the system is upgraded to tomosynthesis, a particular grid with a high density of strips (102 l/cm) is provided as an alternative.

Protective screens When choosing the upgrade to tomosynthesis, an additional larger screen is provided to confine the examination field during the scanning movement.



The acquisition and control workstation (AWS) is integrated when choosing the standard configuration of Helianthus. Upon request, it can be offered as a stand-alone unit equipped with a transparent anti-X Ray protection barrier allowing the operator to optimize and manage the workflow remotely.



Bym 3D DMD biopsy device for stereotactic or tomosynthesis biopsy (when the system is upgraded)

Geometric magnification kit It includes a platform (with 1.5x or 1.8x or 2x factors) and a 9 x 21 cm compression paddle without an anti-diffusion grid.

Compression paddles i.e., for the geometric magnification, the examination of details, and perforated for two-dimensional biopsy procedures).
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